DataForm PRO Data


Data-Pages (upper-right of the image) can display statistics, ratings or other data about each runner (Click here for Options). All comparatively positive information is highlighted in blue. Comparatively negative information is highlighted in red. Upto 8 Data-Pages can be set up to make the summarised information you want to see quickly available.

Auto Data-Pages
PRO knows the significance of all its stats under all the different race conditions and can present you with those most significant for each race in question (based on at least the last 5 years' racing results).DataForm PRO Data

Deeper Data
PRO can also detail each runner's criteria and show you how horses with similar criteria under the current conditions fared in the past (bottom-right of the image)DataForm PRO Data.

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Exports virtually any of the data held in PRO's databases including Results since 2001 with Industry SPs and Betfair SPs, 5 day racecards, Horse records, Trainer records and Jockey records.

Results exports can include pre-race form data. Racecard exports can include pre-race form data and statistics. All exports are in comma-separated-values (.CSV) format.

Imports performance ratings from other software into PRO's results database.