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5.00 HEXH2m7f 63yGFHS43K9 Hardwick Hall Hotel Novices Hurdle
5.30 HEXH2m 48yGFHS43K6 Bowburn Hall Hotel Juvenile Hurdle
6.00 HEXH2m7f 63yGFHH43K9 Spa At Ramside Hall Hotel Handicap Hurdle
6.30 HEXH3m 41yGFCH36K5 Ramside Event Catering Novices Handicap Chase
7.00 HEXH2m4f 28yGFHH53K8 Ramside Hall Hotel, Spa & Golf Handicap Hurdl..
7.30 HEXH1m7f133yGFCH53K12Colonel Porters Emporium, Newcastle Handicap ..
8.00 HEXH2m 48yGFNS62K10Bar Beyond In The Gate Standard NH Flat Race ..
2.00 LING1m2f GFFH62K13Sign Up To 188Bet Affiliates Handicap
2.30 LING1m3f133yGFFH53K8 188bet.co.uk Handicap
3.00 LING2m 68yGFFH53K10Play Casino At 188Bet Handicap
3.30 LING 7f GFFS53K13Injured Jockeys Fund EBF Novice Stakes
4.00 LING 7f135yGFFH312K5 EBF Breeders Series Fillies Handicap
4.30 LING 6f GFFS62K8 Read Silvestre De Sousa At 188Bet Novice Auct..
5.05 LING 7f135yGFFH53K7 188Bet Training Series Apprentice Handicap
4.40 ROSC 7f 49yS FS 8K11Irish Stallion Farms EBF Maiden
5.10 ROSC 7f 49yS FS 13K10Foran Equine Irish EBF Auction Race
5.40 ROSC 7f 49yS FS 7K10Murray Ambulance Maiden
6.10 ROSC 7f 49yS FH 6K18Eurona Brisknet Handicap
6.40 ROSC1m2f S FS 7K17Abbey Hotel Roscommon Maiden
7.10 ROSC1m2f S FH 11K6 Peggy Guerin Memorial Handicap (60-90)
7.40 ROSC1m2f S FH 7K11Pyramid Bookmakers Handicap
8.10 ROSC1m3f171yS FH 6K19Sean Cleary Memorial Handicap (45-70)
2.15 THIR 6f G FS45K13British Stallion Studs EBF - racinguk.com/hd ..
2.45 THIR 7f G FH54K12James Herriot All Creatures Family Day Today ..
3.15 THIR 7f218yG FH46K12World Of James Herriot Handicap
3.45 THIR 5f G FH46K19Racing UK Club Day Here Today Handicap
4.15 THIR 7f G FS46K13Breeders Backing Racing EBF - racinguk.com/da..
4.45 THIR1m4f 8yG FH63K9 thirskraces Pirates Family Day Friday 1st Sep..
5.15 THIR1m4f 8yG FH63K9 thirskraces Pirates Family Day Friday 1st Sep..
5.45 THIR 6f G FH62K15thirskraces Ladies Day Saturday 9th September..
5.20 WIND 6f 12yG FS45K12Sky Bet British Stallion Studs EBF Novice Sta..
5.50 WIND1m2f G FH45K10Sky Bet Supporting Give A Duck Handicap
6.20 WIND1m 31yG FH45K9 Sky Bet Best Odds Guaranteed Fillies Handicap
6.50 WIND 6f 12yG FH247K16Sky Bet Windsor Sprint Series Finale Handicap
7.20 WIND 5f 21yG FH45K10Give A Duck Spreading Huggable Hope Handicap
7.50 WIND1m2f G FS53K11Sky Bet Racing Cash Out Maiden Stakes

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HEXH 6.002m7f 63y Hurdle Handicap

ROSC 6.10 7f 49y Flat Handicap

WIND 6.201m 31y Flat Handicap

HEXH 6.303m 41y Chase Handicap

ROSC 6.401m2f Flat Stakes

WIND 6.50 6f 12y Flat Handicap

HEXH 7.002m4f 28y Hurdle Handicap

ROSC 7.101m2f Flat Handicap

WIND 7.20 5f 21y Flat Handicap

HEXH 7.301m7f133y Chase Handicap

ROSC 7.401m2f Flat Handicap

WIND 7.501m2f Flat Stakes

HEXH 8.002m 48y Hurdle Stakes

ROSC 8.101m3f171y Flat Handicap

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