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CATT 12.202m3f 66y Hurdle Handicap

SOUT 12.30 6f 16y All-Weather Handicap

FAKE 12.402m 3y Hurdle Stakes

CATT 12.501m7f156y Hurdle Stakes

SOUT 1.001m 13y All-Weather Handicap

FAKE 1.102m7f 95y Hurdle Handicap

CATT 1.203m1f 54y Chase Stakes

SOUT 1.30 6f 16y All-Weather Stakes

FAKE 1.402m5f 44y Chase Handicap

CATT 1.503m1f 71y Hurdle Handicap

SOUT 2.00 6f 16y All-Weather Handicap

FAKE 2.102m 3y Hurdle Handicap

CATT 2.202m3f 66y Hurdle Stakes

SOUT 2.301m3f 23y All-Weather Stakes

FAKE 2.402m5f 44y Chase Handicap

CATT 2.501m7f145y Chase Handicap

SOUT 3.00 7f 14y All-Weather Handicap

FAKE 3.102m4f 1y Hurdle Stakes

CATT 3.201m7f156y Hurdle Stakes

SOUT 3.30 5f All-Weather Handicap

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