Member Feedback

01/01/21 - Thanks for another year of great service. It’s been a strange one and one we’ll not forget. In particular, thank you for crediting us for the days with no racing and for running the competitions. These are generous gestures which make a great product the best value by a country mile.

30/12/20 - I dabbled in all the form books casually over the years and have now returned to DataForm as a serious student/punter/analyst. Thanks.

08/11/20 - Recently purchased your product and love it so far.

26/07/20 - Thank you for your excellent service and such a remarkable data base covering all aspects of race form.

16/07/20 - I think DF is great, I've been a subscriber for over 5-years now and I'm 100% happy.

08/07/20 - Fantastic help, sorted it straight away and it's now doing everything I wanted it to do and more!

08/07/20 - I've purchased the software and am really pleased with it! Just the type of thing I can really get stuck into.

01/07/20 - Dataform is a wonderful piece of kit (Tip-Exchange winner June 2020).

29/06/20 - I'm planning to be a very long term user of your app.

14/06/20 - Hi guys. Not a help question, just a massive congrats on the impressive PSP. WOW! Have monitored results over last few days and for a layer myself where it all comes down to price this is a massive boon for me as it is so accurate. Many thanks for a very impressive product.

31/03/20 - Thanks for the excellent software.

30/03/20 - Appreciate your stance on rolling back expiry dates.

09/03/20 - It really is a great piece of kit.

13/02/20 - Thank you for providing me with your excellent product.

03/02/20 - Really impressed with Dataform so far. Had lovely profit yesterday.

09/01/20 - I think your record over the years is amazing: must have the best record in the country.

07/01/20 - I've used your service over the previous year and getting myself familiar with it (love it).

31/12/19 - Dataform seems to be going from strength to strength. I’m very pleased with the service.

05/11/19 - Its a wonderful programme which continues to be upgraded and enhanced. Its the best on the market and the price has never changed in the years I've used it.

03/09/19 - Your software is so good!

22/08/19 - Really impressed so far with the DataForm Pro racecard variables.

02/06/19 - Many thanks for your comprehensive help and time as usual.

02/01/19 - Just one word - FANTASTIC.

15/11/18 - I love the ease of form study with the software.

11/10/18 - I joined Dataform in March 2018 and I have just renewed for a year. I am very impressed with your data and approach.

26/05/18 - I started recording all my bets at the same time I signed up to dataform, I have mainly been using the Dr Howard Sartin method of backing 2 in a race, and I am 62pts in the black at present and Bill Hill paid for a 10 week renewal, I am really pleased I started using dataform and I think it's been the tool I've been missing. Thanks all and good luck

12/05/18 - ..its an excellent piece of software that I couldnt do without. Thanks.

25/03/18 - In a time when many unscrupulous app developers just pump out software into the market without any support network, I was massively impressed with the support I received from Mark and the Dataform admin team.. Five star customer assistance on a product that is already highly rated by many, including myself

02/01/18 - getting more impressed with this product by the day.

31/12/17 - Many thanks for another year of great service. In particular, thank you for keeping the development going alongside the day to day service as its this which keeps Dataform ahead of the competition.

13/10/17 - Brilliant help as always. Many thanks.

10/02/17 - Congratulations. Well done guys. Your product and customer service has always been top notch so thank you

12/01/17 - Thanks for the changes in the systems analyser - made me take a long hard look at my systems and had a culling exercise - results have been excellent.

03/10/16 - Since coming back to Dataform I am really pleased with the changes.. I love it and it is so user friendly. I have a range of systems running that are working well.. a whole days racecards can be done in no time at all. The ratings are really good and within the first 6 weeks of re-joining I had managed to cover my dataform subscription for the whole year and that was just with nominal stakes.. so I have effectively got Dataform for free for the rest of the year...YES!!!! what a result:-). I did have to spend some time working the software out but I knew this was essential and the effort was well worth it.. I am really happy with the software and it is easily worth every penny spent. I do not know how many hours you put into compiling everything that makes Dataform work but it really is an amazing piece of kit and I take my hat off to you good sir:-).

01/03/16 - I've been a DataForm subscriber for a year now and whilst it took me a little while to get to grips with certain aspects of the application it is now an integral, perhaps central, part of my form study and it is certainly my intention to extend my subscription for a further year once due. Thanks again.

12/01/16 - very impressed with Dataform Pro best piece of software I have seen for horse racing.

06/11/15 - After using Your software for a month I have to say it is GREAT! Really GREAT!

31/10/15 - congratulations on producing such an excellent software product.

26/10/15 - Your service is great!

21/09/15 - Great software, thanks.

02/07/15 - I am impressed with your large range of variables.

21/04/15 - 48-hour declarations - a huge thanks for implementing this so quickly in V10.4. I know it will be very useful to me.

20/04/15 - thanks for providing this good service.

03/02/15 - your swift response is hugely reassuring.

08/01/15 - PRO is the best tool because the way info is presented can make one spot things they wouldn't have otherwise.

12/10/14 - Great service. Cannot believe I hadnt tried this years ago!

01/10/14 - A program thats centred around whats important to the user is what differentiates Dataform I find.

07/06/14 - Im really impressed with DataForm PRO. When you click on a race its like looking at a picture.

26/05/14 - Brilliant, Best computer form book I ever had. Congratulations.

17/03/14 - I have recently rejoined Dataform after a prolonged absence. Im really enjoying finding my way around. Really impressed.

02/02/14 - You certainly have a very comprehensive program and, in my opinion, the best horse racing software I have seen. I have used at least five of the big names.

22/01/14 - really enjoying the product.

21/12/13 - I cant fault DataForm.

26/10/13 - So far Im very impressed with what Ive seen.

26/10/13 - This is pretty cool, thanks for the pointers.

09/10/13 - I think it is brilliant. I have used most software applications and bots on betfair, but what you have here is superior to anything I have previously seen.

13/09/13 - Brilliant program. Great time saver to retrieve my ratings and loads extra besides.

07/09/13 - Only purchased the software 2 days ago, but I already can see a massive benefit from having it.

15/08/13 - Very impressed. As a product it has improved immeasurably.

14/07/13 - Really enjoying the software and keep discovering new layers of functionality all the time. Quite daunting, but very impressed!

03/06/13 - Thank you very much for the congrats - had a marvelous weekend at Epsom - Dataform gave me the first three home in the oaks which I collected on big time (I had put them up on my blog before I left) so great times all round. Cheers.

23/05/13 - the ratings are winning me over.

22/05/13 - your form-in-a-line view is fantastic.

10/04/13 - I have to just say that I have used ALL the serious form services, Timeform, Raceform etc etc but yours is by far the best. As if that were not enough your customer service has always been fast and effective.

24/03/13 - Thanks again for a great service and quick response.

15/03/13 - Have had a brilliant Cheltenham.

26/02/13 - Just want to start to compliment you for this software. I am up just a little more than 500 euros in my first month. This is just using your free systems.

12/11/12 - Thank you and got to say the way I have been using the program is ace. Calypso Magic 16/1 winner. Love it. Many thanks. Top notch programme.

01/11/12 - Many thanks for your quick response. On the few occasions that I have needed to contact you, your response has always been both quick and effective. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that truly understands the meaning of customer support, and acts accordingly.

20/09/12 - Im enjoying using the form book. Many thanks for your help - I am impressed by the speed and accuracy of your product.

31/08/12 - Would just like to thank all at Dataform for the upgrade allowing us to look at the profiles of horses who had not run for five years, its just what I wanted. I enjoy comparing horses from the past with the present. Thanks Again

01/08/12 - Thanks for the swift and comprehensive answer. Thats brilliant re the updates - even better than I expected. Brilliant stuff.

27/07/12 - Well pleased so far.

27/03/12 - Superb! I cannot think of any other subscription that would have gone to the trouble of doing such a modification on a personal request. Brilliant!

20/03/12 - a great product I have to say.

19/03/12 - Just to say that since I last subscribed the changes are excellent. Most noticeably the data on the statistics page for each runner is superb and the speed rater.

09/02/12 - Your software is really awesome!

29/01/12 - Thanks for all the work youve done recently on the systems qualifier restrictions. The speed of response, fixes and updates is what sets you apart from the competition. Add in its user driven development and you have what I consider to be the best electronic formbook on the market.

22/01/12 - Its a fantastic product - and a great bit of software.

31/12/11 - Many thanks for another year of outstandingly reliable service, its greatly appreciated.

27/10/11 - I love this software, the new look systems analysis is great.

30/06/11 - I am very happy with the software and appreciate the work that you put into it.

29/06/11 - the software is stunning, you are a genius, I have too much fun with the numbers and this translates into winners.

28/06/11 - Once again thanks. Your customer service is first class.

18/06/11 - Thanks very much for the quick support and a great product.

17/06/11 - Thank you for the new upgrade.. Just analysed the first 100 races. Absolutely bang on, everything perfect.

02/06/11 - I have been using your software with no problems for the last 3 weeks on my mac using a virtual windows 7 machine (VMWare Fusion). It has been great as it saves me quite a lot of time due to the way information is displayed.

29/04/11 - been using your program for a while now and I must say I am impressed.

05/04/11 - DataForm PRO and Pro-Analyser are amazing.

31/03/11 - Great piece of software.

23/03/11 - Ive enjoyed using once again your outstanding program having used it last year. Thanks again for a great program.

20/03/11 - excellent service.

26/01/11 - I am delighted with your programme and will continue to subscribe. I have been using it for about a year or so and have only now really started to explore its full potential (I have now dumped my other online computer form book which I used for 15 years now that I am more familiar with your software).

01/01/11 - The end of yet another year. Once again, my thanks for such superb service and for a really super product, it really is appreciated.

24/07/10 - well done, its a nice application.

30/06/10 - Brilliant system btw - better than using Racing Post or Sporting Life all the time.

14/04/10 - Thanks for the help & as always a prompt response. I have been with many services but this is by far the best.

07/04/10 - Impressed with your service.

22/03/10 - Fantastic product, I will be a long term user.

17/03/10 - Its a great product and runs perfect.

26/02/10 - everything working out well, very satisfied.

26/02/10 - Upgrade Brilliant. Many Many Thanks. Just what I wanted.

24/02/10 - I am very happy with the software.

24/02/10 - Love the software by the way and couldnt do without it now.

23/02/10 - Wow that was quick, first class service and pleased to tell you first day 2nd bet and a 16/1 winner (got 24 on betfair) Ionisphere at 14:15 Fairyhouse.. Congratulations on developing such amazing software, I cant thank you enough.

22/12/09 - The progress you have made with Dataform since I was with you all those years ago is amazing. I have had subscriptions with Timeform and Raceform Interactive and I think your program beats them both in terms of depth of data.

09/12/09 - ..Very clear, enjoyable, and satisfying.

08/12/09 - ..This is what makes Dataform stand out from the rest. I am so very grateful.

01/10/09 - Have been impressed with the software so far, will probably take it longterm.

30/09/09 - Cheers for a great product.

05/06/09 - I was very confused by this software in the first couple of days, but I`m now coming to see what an amazing piece of kit it is, this blows Raceform out the water,...Congratulations Guys, the research systems tool is amazing...BRILLIANT.

24/04/09 - Excellent upgrade.

21/04/09 - Magnificent! Its exactly what I was looking for!

21/04/09 - Congrats on the handicap adjustment changes - really smooth

07/04/09 - Headgear - Thanks for the update - very clear and a real asset - well done.

07/04/09 - amazing programme!

28/02/09 - I have been subscribing for a few weeks now and am finding the software both useful and fascinating. Will definitely be renewing my subscription.

30/01/09 - Hi guys. I would like to put a link to your website on my new website. I have been using your software for over a year now, your customer service is brilliant and if you look at my blog, -----------, we have amazing results mainly becaue of your software, so if you have some form of logo or something I would be glad to put it on my site.

20/01/09 - I will also take this opportunity to thank you for a brilliant product. I have used Dataform for the last 18 months or so and it has become a virtual right arm in my selection processes, and to be honest, my left as well.

09/01/09 - I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the continued excellent work. The form book remains an essential part of my armoury.

01/01/09 - Great software with A LOT going on in the package.

27/12/08 - ..customer service is brilliant as usual.

18/12/08 - You run a good service with great software.

11/12/08 - Keep up the good work.

11/12/08 - The software is very very good.

09/12/08 - Excellent piece of software by the way.

04/11/08 - I have used your program for a while now and am very happy with it... excellent speedy customer service.

30/08/08 - By the way, the software is awesome.

26/08/08 - Just to let you know that over the last 3 days i have made 40pts profit 90/110 successful lays giving me a 81.82% strike rate.I will probably put a few filters in myself now to help improve the strike rate but overall very impressed.

23/08/08 - You said youd put winning times on the agenda. I thought oh, the long grass. How wrong could I be, a few days later the export module was updated and the winning times were there. As if that wasnt good enough. The winning times were in seconds. I didnt even have to spend time stripping down a # min ## secs format. Guys this is great, thanks and keep up the good work!

20/08/08 - is brilliant. I have withdrawn over £5,000 in the last 9 weeks.

20/08/08 - The highlighting of shortlisted runners is great thank you !

15/08/08 - This is great software.

15/07/08 - Your software is the best out there and I have had them all and I will continue to subscribe.

02/07/08 - I have been subscribing to Dataform for a couple of months and am finding it a great system which is giving me immense enjoyment. I am constantly amazed by its power and the depth of research available.

12/06/08 - its very good, thank you.

27/05/08 - Perfect. This is awesome. Many thanks, and good work.

25/05/08 - It is an excellent piece of software and I am having a great time with it.

25/05/08 - Sincere thanks for the Comments-in-Running upgrade. This is one of the best upgrades for ages - very simple to use and it really adds a new dimension to the System Builder, especially for people like me who build lots of little niche systems to identify very specific types of runner.

20/04/08 - ...the Systems Manager is spot on.

04/04/08 - A great product by the way all in all and I am very much enjoying my subscription.

03/04/08 - ...transferring to the new PC I have just purchased out of last months winnings.

01/03/08 - All my tips came from using dataform which I find a great tool for finding winners - many thanks. (Tipster Challenge Winner Feb 2008).

29/02/08 - Thanks very much. The software seems great and is really user friendly.

25/02/08 - By the way, this is a great piece of kit. Ive been using it for a week and my betting bank has increased by nearly 50%, and thats just using the Data Pages, Ive just got into Mini-Profiles,which Im sure will make life even easier.

11/02/08 - ...i am impressed with your ratings and will probably build them into my methods.

26/12/07 - ...thanks for your help in a very profitable last few months.

23/11/07 - I have now been using your software for several months and would just like to thank you for a great product.

12/11/07 - Your service and response time is second to none.

10/11/07 - I only bet on the flat so I wont need the software for the winter months but will certainly be subscribing for the whole of the flat season next year.

02/11/07 - Just wanted to send you a word of appreciation for your amazingly quick response to my request.. - awesome!

08/10/07 - Great help and service.

06/10/07 - Many thanks for the latest features, the LAT figure looks especially powerful and gave me a 16/1 winner today.

04/10/07 - Very nice new update!

01/10/07 - Thanks for your prompt response as usual. I think I am fully up to speed on the Systems Analyser now.. It is an amazing tool.

24/05/07 - I know its being said over and over again but yours is a truly excellent customer responsive service.

09/04/07 - I guess what Im seeking and what youre providing is transparency for the variables in the software - this just isnt available in any other product, a few have tried and failed!

08/04/07 - many thanks to you for this great product.. The system analyser is brilliant - and getting better and better; and my new favourite is the mini profiles.

10/01/07 - ...the System Analyser is the best Ive seen in any racing software.

30/11/06 - I am so impressed with this software! Currently I only lay horses - although the obvious backs I have identified would have made me additional profit!. The software allows me to find the weaker horses very easily - particularly with the AW.

19/11/06 - PS. Now using the following 6 columns: DSR - aHa - mHa - bHa - Lha - MR. Winners Ive had this last week - Just the BIG ONES: Wednesday 15 Nov 06 - Sthl 12.30 no.9 Lovers Kiss W66/1 (I got 173/1 Betfair). Thursday 16 Nov 06 - Clonmel 2.55 no.9 City Of Sails W 25/1 (I got 92/1 Betfair). Today 19th Nov 06 - Towcester 1.10 no.14 Apple Joe W 12/1 (I got 40/1 Ladbrokes). Today 19th Nov 06 - Towcester 2.45 no.3 Cant Spell W 12/1 (I got 25/1 Betfred). Plus others @ 8/1 & 10/1 etc.

23/09/06 - Thanks very much for the latest changes - the version V8.2 is now the D.Bs. Hope others are telling you the same - I had a brilliant day today and spent about half the usual time I usually spend sorting them out. The selections made much quicker, easier to knock out the no-hopers (notes field brilliant and the coloured print outs just so good.) Three good winners at Market Rasen, two in Ireland, and (though am more of a national hunt fan than flat) two good priced winners out of three bets at Haydock. I made those bets simply because they were the only three races/horses outside of short prices that stood out) and the thing thats really exciting is the information in this format can only get better as the national hunt season gets going for real. Hooked. Bob.

09/09/06 - I have only just got going with the new Version 8 and VITAL EQUINE in the 2.35 at York today stood out like a sore thumb on the screen. It leapt out at me and said back me. And yes it won at 16/1. This upgrade to the software is a major step forward. Many congratulations on this refreshing new approach, I can see how it works so easily and can expect to bet with better confidence from now on.

29/12/05 - Thank you for your prompt response. I cannot fault your service, by far the best I have encountered.

23/12/05 - ...thanks for the reliable and efficient service throughout the year. Your program seems to be going from strength to strength and I hope all subscribers are more than covering their subscription costs. With the advent of Betfair, it seems easier than ever to make a straightforward value betting approach pay so long as patience and a reasonable sized bank is used.

02/12/05 - By the way, fantastic bit of kit, to achieve a 55% strike rate on the systems analyser is incredible. Your software is awesome.

14/07/05 - Sirs, Today is the first day I used this new software linked to betfair. So simple, does not confuse me, am able to view form with speed, am able to do dutching and then minimise any losses via Laying if required. This is a big plus.

03/07/05 - You can be justly proud of what you have achieved with v5, the hard work has now got us a program that is truly phenomenal, to be able to get the odds, recalculate, choose a winner, place a bet, see the pot all from the interface is just too wonderful.

01/06/05 - While Im on, keep up the good work, Im having a very good season so far using a method of picking improvers from Dataform rating graph

28/05/05 - I would like to take this chance to congratulate you on a fantastic piece of software. I am making a lot of money. I still have to get my head around the detailed information available with the racecards. Im sure that once Ive mastered those, Ill make even more money! However, I do find it very confusing that with such a first class product, you do not seem to advertise it much. I have tried several pieces of software over the last few years and I can say without any doubt yours is by far the best. So why dont you market it more aggressively? Anyway, thanks once again for a marvellous product. As Ive said before, if I ever get to fully understand all the information available from it, I think I will make more money than I ever thought possible! Keep up the good work.

13/03/04 - First of all, may I congratulate you on a lovely piece of software. I have been struggling with ******** *********** for 6 months now (slow, missing or corrupt data etc. on 3 different operating systems and no help from ***). In comparison, it was a breeze to use your software and to instantly find the best rated horses to select from.

31/01/04 -- great aw day today 2 exactas up ling 1.55 & 3.05 oh and 4 winners. i follow the aw and must say that your ratings are excellent. roll on monday.

31/12/03 -- i must say this is an excellent software tool with so much data and the export tool is brilliant. I had been looking for sometime for this. I tried several others but this is the best yet and being that i can export makes this really powerful. I will certainly be recommending this to others