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Developed since 1987, DataForm PRO is the ultimate form studio for UK and Irish horse racing. PRO's database, which includes all UK and Irish Flat, Jumps and All-Weather results with ratings and comments-in-running since 01/01/2001, resides on your PC's hard-disk so you can study form at high speed OFF-line. Just point and click on any race, result, horse, trainer, jockey, or course to zoom in to detail. View the form of all runners of any race collectively and make easy visual comparisons.

Racecards for all scheduled racing in the UK and Ireland are available every day, 2 days before racing.

DataForm PRO makes form study easy with fast navigation from runner to runner and result to result. Form can be viewed in many formats including 'in-a-line', 'arrayed', semi-close up and close up. Collateral form is highlighted.

DataForm PRO can also summarise and compare the form of each runner of each race for you and highlight all the positives and negatives helping you quickly identify those in with a chance. DataForm PRO uses sound statistics to present you with the most significant pointers for each race in question.

Betfair Interface
DataForm PRO connects directly to the Betfair Betting Exchange giving you LIVE prices and fast, hassle-free betting Win or Place, BACK or LAY, even in running.

Lots of tools are included to help you personalise your results database, like Private Handicapper, Private Speed Rater, Private Goings and Private Notes.

DataForm PRO comes complete with a very versatile Systems Analyser which allows you to create and test BACK and LAY systems. Qualifiers of your systems are highlighted in DataForm PRO when they run.

For the more technically-minded, DataForm PRO's Export tool will export virtually any of its data, including racecard and results data, to comma-separated values (.csv) files.
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